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By Clifford D. Simak

A guy hunts for misplaced wisdom in a destiny society that’s reverted to a primitive tribal country during this novel via the writer of Way Station.

greater than 1000 years have handed in view that humankind deliberately destroyed its treacherous expertise, determining to revert again to a primitive tribal nation. during this society the rusting mind instances of long-inert robots are thought of trophies, and the scant wisdom that has survived is doled out to an inquisitive few in monastery-like “universities.” it's at one such middle of studying that younger Tom Cushing first reads of the mythical “Place of Going to the Stars,” rumored to exist on a excessive butte someplace within the western a part of the land. pushed by means of enthusiasm and an insatiable have to music the parable to its resource, Tom units out on an grand trek throughout what used to be known as “America,” teaming up with a witch, the world’s final last robotic, and different unusual partners. yet the entire extraordinary discoveries and hazards they stumble upon alongside the best way will faded sooner than the revelations that look forward to them at journey’s end.
Clifford D. Simak, award-winning technology fiction Grand grasp, bargains a wide ranging imaginative and prescient of the longer term that's either dystopian and hopeful in equivalent degree. In A background of Stars, he boldly monitors the guts, intelligence, and remarkable imaginitive powers that experience validated him as one of many all-time maximum authors of speculative fiction.

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