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By William J. Krause

A renewed curiosity is starting to emerge spotting the potential for marsupials as specific types for biomedical learn. as a result of their abbreviated interval of intrauterine improvement, marsupials are obtainable versions with which to review the early improvement of mammalian organ structures. The North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana) has obtained extra clinical scrutiny than the other marsupial to this point. the aim of volumes I and II is twofold. the 1st aim is to attract jointly and in brief summarize the morphologal occasions and assisting quantitative information all in favour of the histogenesis/organogenesis of a number of the organ platforms during this specific species. the second one target is to supply an advent into the literature with reference to the biology of Didelphis virginiana and to assemble jointly various experiences that experience curious about this species. quantity I summarizes gametes and fertilization, blastocyst formation and early organogenesis, fetal membranes and placentation, parturition and migration to the pouch, normal postnatal progress and improvement, and histogenesis/organogenesis of the integument, musculoskeletal procedure, cardiovascular procedure, blood and blood forming organs, lymphatic organs, worried method, eye, and ear. quantity II summarizes the histogenesis/organogenesis of the breathing method, digestive process, urinary process, male reproductive method, lady reproductive process, and classical endocrine system.

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5 cm SRL) in the small intestine and increase progressively in number as development continues (Tables 20, 22). Paneth cells of Didelphis are unique in that they are found within the intestinal epithelium covering villi, as well as that forming the intestinal glands (Krause and Cutts 1992). Secretory granules are homogenous, electron dense and similar in appearance to those described in the echidna (Krause 1971 b). Goblet cells of the small intestine occur only in limited numbers early in postnatal life and do not constitute a significant population until just prior to weaning (Table 20).

1979a) b A section through the length of a mesonephros from a newborn opossum. The renal corpuscles (C) are restricted in distribution to the medial region of the mesonephros. The mesonephric duct (arrow) is shown at the right of the photomicrograph. x40 (Krause et a1. 1979a) Mitochondria often show some orientation parallel to the long axis of the cell. Cell apices are united by tight junctions and the basolateral plasmalemma of cells from the distal tubule show extensive infoldings. The cells lie on a delicate basal lamina.

0 cm, 25% are at this junction. Table IS. Distribution of endocrine cells in the stomach (Krause et al. 67 29 Table 16. Absolute number of immunoreactive cells per mm 2 of mucosa of the stomach (Krause et al. 57 observed well into the postnatal period (Cutts et al. 1978a). Most dividing cells occur at the interphase between the two muscle strata, and where the inner muscle layer joins the submucosa. The primary period of smooth muscle proliferation occurs during the first 4 weeks of postnatal life, however, there is little increase in the total thickness of the muscularis externa at this time (Cutts et al.

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