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When they know their own innermost world, know them - then the DISCIPLINE comes automatically into the life of the children! Which school is working towards this? All schools, all children, all parents are trapped by the world of competitive examinations! All are in the clutches of competition and are competing with each other without knowing themselves!! We never tried to divide our children from the NATURE! How can we separate ourselves from the Nature? In fact, Nature is our actual teacher! The Nature, the environment is giving and teaching a lot for us!

And maintain discipline? I know only freedom! Freedom can teach discipline! Freedom gives a marvellous opportunity to observe things around you, to be alert, to be attentive, be think, to understand the relationships... Many things will be learnt only through freedom ... If there is no freedom every thing will be suppressed - the thoughts, the emotions..... Certainly, when children come out freely, When they burst out freely, Then they will be the architects of the modern world! EDUCATION means TO DRAW OUT.

It is Universal! It not only allows us, to draw out our hidden talents, but also teach us to LOVE ourselves and the world around us! We tried our best to give this to our children. I am not a teacher; I am a brother to the children. Children used to call male teachers as ANNA (Brother) and female teachers as AKKA (Sister). We never taught anything. We just helped them to learn themselves. We helped them to be creative persons. Every child is an individual, and every individual has its own talents!

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