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2 H). We must again conclude that, while Longus certainly 'plays' with words of religious and mystical content, he never moves beyond general notions that would be familiar to any educated reader. 59 What we admire is the novelty of the whole, rather than that of any of the parts. Of the other gods in the novel, Pan and the Nymphs appear in a very traditional guise. There is no sign of the cosmic role which was assigned to Pan in certain later cults of 'Orphic' type,6O and the joint forces of Pan, Eros and the Nymphs inevitably remind us of the 'boy gets girl with divine assistance' plot of Menander's Dyscolus (although no direct influence from this comedy need be postulated).

In the rustic hierarchy which we find in literature goatherds were at the bottom and oxherds at the top of the social ladder (cf. Donatus, Vita Verg. 49 = Wendel, Prolegomena p. 17), but Longus' choice of occupation for Daphnis 23 THE CONSTITUENT ELEMENTS had as much to do with sex as with social status. 04>VL TdAav, Ti TV Td"€aL; a [j€ TV "wpa 1Tdoa~ dva "pdva~, 1TdvT' tiAO€a 1TOOOt c/>op€iraL tipxer€ (jOV"OAL"a~, MoioaL C/>iAaL, tiPX€T' dOL/j(i~ tdT€W'. qxavo~ €ooi. o",a~. -y€vro. i'J",,' (Theocr.

Georg. 336-45) The description of the seasons was a standard exercise in the rhetorical schools 16 and it seems a small step from Libanius' image of winter as a prison (MEL [sc. 479-80 F) to the notion of spring as rebirth from death. Like so much else in the work, this phrase suggests more than one layer of meaning, and it is this playful richness which is perhaps the most attractive feature of the novel. 2). On a different level they often resemble the animals they care for, cf. 2 at r€ at,,(€e; 7rAT/olov rwv 7rpo{3aTwv ijtwav 0 r€ Lla¢vte; E{3a8t~€V f"{"(ve; Tile; XMT/e;.

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