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Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks. Student Guide

As converged networks and mobility are used increasingly more in day-by-day company, those applied sciences have to be optimized to help company necessities. you'll leam concerning the new Cisco clever details community (IIN) version and the Cisco Service-Oriented community structure (SONA) as architectural frameworks for converged networks.

VoIP Service Quality: Measuring and Evaluating Packet-Switched Voice

Regardless of the beneficial properties that make Voice over IP so appealing from the viewpoint of price and adaptability of mobile companies, companies will purely undertake it as soon as they have made up our minds even if, and lower than what conditions, the standard of VoIP can be passable to clients. In those pages you can find every thing you want to understand to reply to these questions, either now and sooner or later as different packet-switched voice prone emerge.

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If the remote peer can independently create the same hash, the local peer is authenticated. The authentication process continues in the opposite direction. The remote peer combines its identity information with the preshared-based authentication key and sends them through a hash algorithm to form hash_R. hash_R is sent to the local peer. If the local peer can independently create the same hash from its stored information and preshared-based authentication key, the remote peer is authenticated. Each peer must authenticate its opposite peer before the tunnel is considered secure.

Three security models are available: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. QUESTION 46: What is a secure way of providing clock synchronization between network routers? A. sync each router acting as an NTPv2 client to the UTC via the Internet B. implement an NTPv3 server synchronized to the UTC via an external clock source like a radio or atomic clock, then configure the other routers as NTPv3 clients C. use CDPv2 and NTPv3 to pass and sync the clocking information between the adjacent routers in the network D.

Each peer combines the other's public key with its own private key and computes the same shared secret number. The shared secret number is then converted into a shared secret key. The shared secret key is never exchanged over the insecure channel. QUESTION 84: Which IPsec protocol is the most popular and why? A. AH, because it provides encryption and authentication B. AH, because it supports tunnel mode C. AH, because it works with PAT D. ESP, because it provides encryption and authentication E.

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