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Raithe nodded. “I’ve seen them before during a spring wood gathering.

With one last glare at the Fhrey’s corpse, Raithe tucked the jeweled weapon into his belt and then lifted his father’s body. ” Malcolm asked. “Can’t bury him down here. ” “Bury him? When word gets back to Alon Rhist, the Fhrey will…” He looked sick. ” Raithe carried his father to a small hill in the meadow and gently lowered him to the ground. As a final resting place, it wasn’t much but would have to do. Turning around, he found the god’s ex-servant staring in disbelief. ” Malcolm started to laugh, then stopped, confused.

In that instant before understanding became reality, he had the chance to regret his entire life. I’ve done nothing, he thought as his muscles tightened for the expected burst of pain. It never came. Raithe had lost track of the servants—so had the god. Neither of the combatants expected, nor saw, the tall weasel-faced man slam his master in the back of the head with a river rock the size and shape of a round loaf of bread. Raithe realized what had happened only after the god collapsed, revealing the servant and his stone.

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