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By A. Yokota, T. Fujii, K. Goto

Alicyclobacillus should not pathogenic micro organism, yet they're problematical, not just for shoppers but additionally for beverage manufacturers, simply because no powerful keep an eye on tools have not begun been built. it truly is by contrast heritage and in reputation of the significance and urgency of the matter that this booklet brings jointly new insights at the subject including examine released thus far. The e-book uniquely specializes in one genus of micro organism. It goals to carry the data of Alicyclobacillus jointly and supply beneficial knowing to manage the micro organism for nutrition industries.

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Contaminans ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 6 (= A. kakegawaensis ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 8 (= A. shizuokaensis ) A. herbarius A. disulfidooxidans A. 0 Growth pH Optimum pH range Chapter 3: Characteristics of Alicyclobacillus Table 3-3. d. d. d. d.  Glycogen + + + + + + + +  Xylitol ǃ-Gentiobiose + + w + +  D-Turanose + + + + + + + D-Lyxose +  D-Tagatose + + + + +  D-Fucose 5-Keto-gluconate + + +  T Strain 1, A. pomorum 3A ; 2, A. acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius ATCC T 27009 ; 3, Alicyclobacillus genomic species 1 DSM 11984; T4, Alicyclobacillus genomic species 2 MIH332; 5, A.

It is known that nisin has the ability to inhibit the growth of spores and vegetative cells of A. acidoterrestris 53, 63) . In apple juice, the heat resistance of A. acidoterrestris spores (a strain isolated from deteriorated fruit juice) was reduced by about 40 % with addition of nisin (50 IU/mL) (Table 3-21) 53). (2) Lysozyme Lysozyme has been shown to greatly reduce the heat resistance of A. acidoterrestris spores and this property has been confirmed in an application with acidic beverages (Table 3-22) 47).

9 (= A. herbarius ) A. disulfidooxidans A. , 2003 25) Description Table 3-1. Alicyclobacillus species and the sources Source Soil Soil Soil Soil Herb Soil Fruit juice Soil Raw material of beverage Soil Soil Raw material of beverage, etc. Soil Soil Soil Soil Soil, raw materials of beverage, etc. Raw material of beverage Raw material of beverage Soil, raw materials of beverage, etc. Apple juice Compost Soil Soil, raw materials of beverage, etc. 7-1 ȝm wide and 3-5 ȝm long. The swelling of the cells due to endospore formation may or may not occur, depending on the species (a greater number of strains show swelling, Fig.

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