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By Darrell Bain

Whilst a laboratory technician at the verge of retirement unintentionally infects himself with blood from an emergency room sufferer, he intends to record it--until govt brokers swarm the medical institution, confiscating each pattern of blood taken from the patient--at gunpoint. identifying to not document the incident simply but for worry of being thrown into an isolation chamber, he is going home--and falls violently in poor health. by the point he recovers and returns to paintings, frightening issues are taking place.

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That agent said it killed everyone they tried it on, but obviously it doesn’t kill everyone. ” Mona laughed. I was glad to hear the tinkle in her voice again rather than the trace of pain that had tinged it the day before. ” Then she veered off to another subject. “Mike, how did they trace us to my house? ” *** For a long time there was only the noise of the tires humming on the asphalt as we both began trying to untangle the puzzle. It was finally Mona who spoke first. ” I couldn’t see it. “Just think a moment.

I thought for a minute. “Listen closely, motherfucker. We want some answers and we want them now. ” He didn’t say anything. I took out my pocketknife and opened the big blade. “See this? Start talking or I’m going to slash the nerves and tendons in both wrists then put out both your eyes. After that I’ll just dump you here. ” That did it. Some men and women can face death with hardly a quiver, but very few of us are able to resist pressure of that type. He began talking. “Give me another pill first, please.

All right, let’s get back to the others, you said. How many escaped. ” “I’m not sure. Maybe three or four—a dozen, though. I think—Oklahoma—one of them said—Ri… mountain—” His eyes closed and abruptly, and like a stalled car, he stopped breathing. CHAPTER ELEVEN I should have twigged to the signs that he was going into shock. I had certainly seen it often enough in patients, but I had been so intent on getting information out of him that I ignored everything else. It didn’t sound as if he knew much more anyway, except—what had he said?

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