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Crucial fabric for first-year scholars in social sciences and for the final reader drawn to the fundamentals of up to date politics.

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The religious institution is not only a source of upbringing in terms of values but also where it is married to the state religion is also the source of law and punishment. The third agency is the mass media: radio, television, newspapers, cinema, and, in more recent times, talk shows. Talk shows are very important in forming people’s attitudes and influencing their values. As a result of the influence of popular talk shows, you are able to recite certain sayings from memory. One example is Wilmot Perkins’ description of the politics of scarce benefits.

The powerful effect of travel, migration, and exposure to other cultures, which is now within the grasp of tens of millions more because of the cheapening of various forms of transportation, should not be underestimated. In that context, we should notice that in the Caribbean, not only does the largest percentage of the people live outside of the region but also that the people at the bottom of the social structure travel more compared to anywhere else. Rapid Urbanization Rapid urbanization means that fewer and fewer people are living in villages and districts of rural areas and more and more people are concentrated in cities.

They are expelled from the organization, disciplined, or suspended. Some form of sanction accompanies disagreement. This type of leadership predominated in the past in Caribbean political culture. Between the 1940s and 1970s the dominant political culture accepted that leaders were charismatic, paternalist, or managerialist and citizens/followers had little or no right to disagree, followed whatever they said, and supported whatever they did. The classic leader of this type would have been Jamaica’s Sir Alexander Bustamante.

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