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Even the months according to also; the first month second Iyyar. The decipherment inscriptions has names given cleared up the by the Babylonians their months, and has thus explained, at the same time, the forms taken by these names in Jewish literature. ' Considering how closely connected were the names of the months with the transactions of every-day life, the adoption of their Babylonian event, and proved how ready Jewish captives were to forget fathers. In the Jewish the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah the' Chthubim,' or Hagiographa, immediately which the Old preceding the Testament is made to end.

Kambyses II. 54 THE AGE ND WORK OF EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. of which were no longer able to offer the same resistance to the enemy that they had done before. C. 514, and Arakha crucified, like the other pretenders who had fallen into the merciless hands of the Persian king. Darius soon afterwards completed the re-conquest of the empire of Cryus and Kambyses by the overthrow of the nomad tribe of Sakians. During all this period of confusion and civil war, Palestine could not have remained unmoved. It was not, like Egypt and Asia Minor, entirely cut off from the scene of conflict, and governed like a separate kingdom by a semi-independent satrap.

But his victory over the Median king Astyages and the destruction of the Median Empire made him at once one of the most formidable princes in Western Asia. Henceforth the seat of his power was moved from Susa or Shushan to Ekbatana, called Achmetha in Scripture, Hagmatan in Persian, the capital of Media. Shushan, it is true, still continued to be a royal residence, but the court occupied it only during the spring months, Ekbatana with its cool mountain climate being the summer residence of the king.

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