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Complicated and volatile, in 922 BC the dominion of old Israel used to be divided into Judah, within the South, and Israel, within the North. For the subsequent two hundred years, there has been virtually consistent warring among those kingdoms and their acquaintances. those sour feuds finally ended in the cave in of Israel, leaving Judah as a surviving state till the emergence of the Babylonian Empire, the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC, and the exile of the Jewish people.
Using historical Jewish, Biblical, and different modern resources, this name examines the politics, combating, and effects of Israel's battles in this interval. targeting the turbulent courting among the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, this publication explains Israel's advanced, frequently bloody, overseas coverage, and offers a definitive historical past of those historical conflicts.

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As part of this development, the rival claimant Pekah finally made his move on the Israelite throne. He apparently assassinated the sitting king, took control of Samaria, and joined the coalition in 734. 49 Although 2 Kings 15: 27 says he went on to reign 20 years, the chronology of biblical and Assyrian texts suggests this number includes his years as a rival claimant. More importantly, for the first time in over a century, the official foreign policy of the northern kingdom became anti-Assyrian.

Although the sequence of kings is confusing for the following years, Israel's and Judah's fortunes clearly changed for the worse. Shalmaneser returned to the west on three more occasions in 849, 848, and 845 and faced the same coalition of southern kingdoms each time. Assyrian records continue to name Irhuleni and Hadadezer as the coalition leaders, but do not refer to Ahab's successors Ahaziah or Jehoram. Since it is likely that Israel continued to participate in the coalition, the lack of reference may reflect a deterioration in its power.

All areas previously controlled by Aram-Damascus, including those in formerly Israelite territory such as Galilee and the northern and central Transjordan, were changed into provinces ruled by Assyrian governors and garrisons. Israel and Judah survived as kingdoms but with greatly reduced borders, probably left holding only those areas west of the Jordan and south of the Jezreel Valley. 46 Essential Histories • Ancient Israel at War 853-586 Be Israel and Assyria (730-720 Be) Tiglath-pileser died on campaign in December 727.

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