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A varied diet is much more stimulating to the appetite than a monotonous one. A practiced speaker varies his tones of voice and arouses his audience, while the droning lecturer who neglects this ANIMAL AND HUMAN BEIIAVIOR rule produces only a drowsing row of students. Other examples can be found in the arts of communication and entertainment or in almost any field of human relations. A response is an attempt to adapt to a change. The green coloring in a euglena is chlorophyll. In the presence of light this animal is able to manufacture its own food by photosynthesis,and most of its behavior is related to this fact.

Sketches of an experiment described by J. T. Emlen) One of the basic theories that arises out of observaand experiments on behavior is that behavior is tion aftectedby multiple factors. This is particularly evident in experiments with heredity and environment. We therefore raised litters from several different kinds of dogs, giving them the same kind of room in which to live and the same kind of care and nutrition. The next step was to devise a test of their reactions to people. The simplest thing was to have the experimenter do the same sorts of things which people ordinarily do to puppies: walking toward them, patting them, stooping down to them, and calling them.

Sensory Capacities Animals react to a great variety of stimuli, which come from far and near. The special organs which receive these stimuli may be conveniently grouped according to the distance. The tactile sensesreceive stimuli from the part of the environment which directly touches the animal. The chemical senses of odor and taste extend the range of tesponse, but this is still limited by slow rates of diffusion and interference by water and air currents. Finally, sight and sound enable an animal to respond to objects far beyond the microclimate in which it lives.

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