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By Paul Mungo

This books is well-written, attention-grabbing and reasonably well-researched for a person who likes this kind of factor. With the speed that know-how advances at, fairly near to pcs, this 15 yr outdated booklet has turn into totally ancient. totally not one of the occasions or applied sciences are correct to the current day other than within the context of history.

Nevertheless, in case you are searching for heritage information on hacking, phreaking, viruses and different machine safeguard similar issues, it is worth a learn. lots of the info can be present in different books written in regards to the comparable time as this one, in spite of the fact that it really is nonetheless very readable and does supply a complete, although now not quite specified, collecting of many of the suitable occasions during the last 30 years. In that regard it is also an outstanding reference so as to know the way hacking and phreaking began, correct from the very beginning.

Also, it is a reliable creation for the lay individual drawn to checking out what what hacking and phreaking is, and describes such things as uncomplicated virus writing, boot zone viruses, executable file-based viruses, easy hacker exploits, the unique tone-based phreaking equipment, etc... in spite of the fact that somebody relatively attracted to these things would have to proceed on studying via to up to date information.

It's an previous booklet now; the terminology is old fashioned either simply because it really is detailed on the lay individual and it virtually predates the net. yet does shape an enormous a part of the constrained literature on hand which covers that point interval. additionally, even though it means that the doom and gloom state of affairs touted on the time with reference to expertise destroying us all is over-hyped (as we will see in hindsight) the booklet nonetheless indulges in leaping at the hype bandwagon itself to some extent.

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Nick attempted his first hack in January 1988. He first dialed up a number for the computer center at Queen Mary College, where he knew there was an ICL 2988. Because Queen Mary is not far from Nick's home, the telephone charges would be lower; also, most colleges are easy targets because they generally have weak security. He got the dial-up from The Hacker's Handbook--but that, as he knew, would only get him to the front door. Access to the QMC computer would be like gaining entry to the Prestel system.

Using guesswork and knowledge of the default settings, they could make their way past the log-in and password prompts. For more recalcitrant computers they rigged up an adapted "war-dialing" system that would keep pounding at the door with one ID and password combination after the other until they got in. Even if a computer operator has assiduously removed default codes, there are still common combinations that people use over and over. There are said to be just a few of these combinations--such as name and surname, or company name and department--that, in a large system, someone will use.

HRH DUKE OF EDINBURGH come up on the computer screen. They left a message for the real sysman, in his 36 APPROACHING ZERO mailbox, saying, I DO SO ENJOY PUZZLES AND GAMES. TA. TA. PIP! PIP! HRH ROYAL HACKER. Then they modified the foreign-exchange page on Prestel, provided by the Financial Times, so that for a few hours on the second of November the pound-to-dollar exchange rate was a glorious fifty dollars to the pound. Triludan himself capped all the tricks: when subscribers dial into Prestel, they immediately see page one, which indexes all other services.

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