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By Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

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For the other cases of “intertextuality” in the Neo-Babylonian inscriptions, see the general observations in Berger 1973: 92–97, and for the instances in the texts of this edition we refer the reader to the commentaries to each published text here.  NaplC23 and NaplC31 both come from Babylon, but with our current state of knowledge it is not easy to say whether they were the work of the same scribe or scribal circle. On the composers of the inscriptions, see Schaudig 2001: 69ff.  On Lugal-e in the scribal tradition, see Frahm 2011: 117–118.

Tracing the exact source may be difficult, since a given passage, line or phrase may be part of a common literary stock. The direction of the borrowing can also be hard to determine and there may be no chronological data to establish the precise moment a given text was composed. The relation between canonical and non-canonical texts in matters of borrowing must also be approached with caution, given the problems with chronology and the possibility that oral sources were used. Finally, some texts in this “chain of interrelations” may be lost, and with them much of the potential information.

However, there is no evidence of such works in the inscriptions of Amēl-Marduk. This monarch used the title king of Babylon, and the filiation “son of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon”. ). 3). Yet the bricks have been found in primary context in several places in Babylonia, on the bank of the Euphrates, in the palace, in the Euphrates bridge, and so on, indicating that some minor repairs were carried out in those locations. 6). C021 may also refer to a ziqqurrat or a temple dedicated to Šamaš, or to a construc-  An introduction to Neriglissar’s reign can be found in van Driel 2001: 228–29, in Da Riva 2008: 15–16 and in Da Riva forthcoming a (with bibliography).

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