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This can be an strange booklet, combining because it does papers on astrobiology, heritage of astronomy and sundials, but―after all―Woody Sullivan is an strange guy. In overdue 2003 I spent fruitful and stress-free months within the Astronomy division on the college of Washington (UW) engaged on archival fabric accrued over the many years by means of Woody, for a ebook we are going to co-author with Jessica Chapman at the early improvement of Australian astronomy. the single critical highbrow distraction I confronted in this interval was once making plans for an IAU colloquium on transits of Venus scheduled for June 2004 in England, the place i used to be all the way down to current the ‘Cook’ paper. I knew Woody was once additionally drawn to transits (and, certainly, whatever remotely attached with shadows―see his paper on web page 3), and in discussing the Preston assembly with him it transpired that his sixtieth birthday used to be timed to take place only one week later. This was once the place the seed of ‘Woodfest’ started to germinate. Why no longer invite acquaintances and associates to hitch Woody in Seattle and have fun this proud occasion? I placed the assumption to Woody and others at UW, they cherished it, and ‘Woodfest’ was once born.

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The first was in Washington DC, at a foreign policy think tank. g. Chyba and Greninger, 2004). It is clearly coming. If you make Moore’s Law type diagrams for the evolution of fundamental aspects 36 Christopher Chyba of biotechnology, such as the speed of sequencing or the speed of synthesizing DNA, you see that biotechnological power is increasing exponentially (Carlson, 2003), and as fast or faster than Moore’s Law in computing power (see Figure 1). And these capabilities are spreading around the world for very good reasons.

THE BIOLOGICAL UNIVERSE The second possible outcome of cosmic evolution is the biological universe—the universe in which cosmic evolution commonly ends in life. Ideas about a possible biological universe date back to ancient Greece, in a history that is now well known (Crowe, 1986; Dick, 1982, 1996, 1998; Guthke, 1990). The Copernican revolution, which made the Earth a planet and the planets potential Earths, provided the theoretical under-pinnings for the concept of extraterrestrial life. Unlike the physical universe, we have addressed in a substantive empirical way this new worldview of the biological universe only over the last 20 Steven J.

The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. New York, Penguin Books. , 2002. Sense & Nonsense: Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behaviour. Oxford, Oxford University Press. , 1999. How rare are extraterrestrial civilizations and when did they emerge? Astrophysical Journal, 511, 429-431. I. III, 1966. Intelligence in the Universe. Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall. , 1988. Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence. Cambridge, Harvard University Press. NASA, 1997.

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