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By Georgy I. Shenbrot, Boris R. Krasnov

Any residing organism is sent somewhere. plenty of details on species documents are scattered in guides and museum catalogues, yet just a couple of taxa have merited adequate awareness for a compilation of the on hand facts on their geographic distribution. This e-book is aimed to fill during this hole for the species of the rodent subfamily Arvicolinae. It represents an atlas of the worldwide distribution of all 139 arvicoline species. Distribution maps are compiled from documents from the literature and museum catalogues. A map for every species is gifted as either list issues and a polygon of a anticipated distribution. The checklist issues have been georeferenced whereas the polygons of envisioned distributions have been built utilizing the GARP set of rules. The booklet presents a listing of and distributional information for the subspecies in addition to taxonomic notes and references. the quantity is addressed to experts in theriology, taxonomists, biogeographers and conservationists. will probably be of use to any zoological library.

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1969 Geographic range: Area: 2,603 sq. 97°E Sources: Yakimenko, 1984 60 68 E 72 E 74 E 76 E 78 E 80 E 38 N 78 E 38 N 70 E 76 E 40 N 68 E 74 E 40 N 66 E 72 E 42 N 70 E 42 N Ellobius alaicus 66 E Prometheomys schaposchnikovi Satunin, 1901 Geographic range: Area: 5,305 sq. , 1999 Ognev, 1948 Tembotov, 1972 62 44 E 46 E 48 E 40 E 42 E 44 E 46 E 40 N 40 N 38 E 42 N 42 N Prometheomys schaposchnikovi 42 E 44 N 40 E 44 N 38 E Dinaromys bogdanovi (V. et E. Martino, 1922) Subspecies: D. bogdanovi bogdanovi (Martino, 1922) (Dinarian Alps) D.

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