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Having zero tolerance for negativity, and a sharp negativity radar is the solution. It has been suggested that we are all the average of our five closest friends, so if you choose to accept negativity in people, you will become like them and Hate will thrive. Here are some things you can do to avoid negativity in other people: Stop being friends with negative people. If you want, you can explain it and see if they are open to change, but they probably won’t be. It’s your life, and the negativity is eating away at it.

Do it again, and do it better. Permission seeking It’s always amazed me in life how much attention people give to the opinions of people who aren’t qualified to have one. The quote “lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep” comes to mind. In my entrepreneurship group, I regularly see people desperately seeking opinions from their peers, or other influencers. It doesn’t make sense to post your top three logo designs to Facebook and decide on the top one based on the feedback of people who know nothing about design.

Or even when you’re in the shower! Research has shown that elite performers don’t necessarily spend more time practicing. They are just more productive when they do practice. Learn how to use your time more productively to free up time for making things. There are a bunch of productivity tools and techniques available that the vast majority of people don’t use. Things like single-tasking, smaller projects, tracking your progress, setting goals, doing timed work sessions free of interruption, and adding accountability are all proven methods for maximizing your productivity in a short amount of time.

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