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One evening Gabriel Garrison was once visited by means of a anonymous messenger who bestowed upon him nice energy, an influence meant for sturdy. as soon as researching what this strength was once and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel grew to become Axiom-man, an emblem of desire in a urban that had none. One evening after a regimen patrol, a mysterious black cloud seems to be over town. Flying over to enquire it, Axiom-man is stopped brief whilst the cloud's presence shakes him to the center. An electrifying worry emanates from the cloud and he can slightly get close to it. fast, the cloud takes flight and leads him on a wild goose chase through the urban, simply to escape from him in spite of everything. presently after the cloud's visual appeal, a brand new hero arises, Redsaw, clad in a black cape and cover. the folk, now enamored with this new super-powered surprise, appear to have forgotten approximately Axiom-man and all he is performed for them. other than something's fallacious. that very same worry that emanated from the cloud drips off Redsaw like a nasty odor and Axiom-man can slightly get just about him with no feeling in poor health. what's Redsaw's time table and who's he? And why is it whenever Axiom-man will get with reference to him it feels as though his powers are being sucked away? as though that wasn't sufficient, Gabriel's day task hasn't gotten any more uncomplicated. His co-worker and the girl he adores, Valerie Vaughan, has no real interest in him, and his boss has made it transparent that yet another day overdue to paintings could be the day he cleans out his table. Then there is the recent trainee, Gene Nemek. what's his fascination with Redsaw and why is he by no means round while Redsaw looks? From flying over urban streets and hovering at dizzying heights, to balancing a mystery id with future, Axiom-man needs to realize what Redsaw's presence ability and the way it ties into the messenger's life-altering stopover at earlier than the city-and the world-are enamored with an evil that has haunted the cosmos because the sunrise of Time.

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Axiom-man remembered Tuesday morning, and how everyone looked fatigued. Had they sensed the black cloud, too? —somehow muted because it was now inside a human being? Did the flesh act as a shield? His head spun from the questions. Far away, surrounded by only three reporters and their cameramen, Redsaw waved to them then reached for the sky. He ascended until he was a black speck against a backdrop of blue. Axiom-man flew after him. Not taking his eyes off the black dot, he poured on the speed and as fast as he could, flew to catch up with him.

Whatever they were watching was on a commercial break anyway. He sat at one of the tables and began flipping through the paper. The sun beat in through the windows, the glass magnifying its light and increasing its heat, warming him. He pulled at the collar of his shirt to allow some air to his skin beneath the costume, careful not to accidentally pull up the dark blue material of his Axiom-man collar for everyone to see. “Welcome back,” a male voice said from the TV set. Gabriel didn’t look up.

He could hardly wait to get upstairs. Get a grip, he told himself. She never pays attention to you. You’re the one who always has to say something. You’re the one who has to go up to her. She doesn’t care. You don’t exis—Then the thought hit him. If she knew he was Axiom-man, would she pay attention? Or would she tell the world? It was a secret he carried on his own. None of his friends knew—the few he had—and despite how badly he wanted to tell his folks and his brother, he knew he couldn’t say anything.

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