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At Aegina, for example, both pediments are dominated by Athena’s presence, but now apparently in the company of her native sons, Ajax and his father, Telamon. What is Athena’s role at Aegina? This is not the occasion to rehearse all the difficulties involved 26 IMAGE AND IDEA IN FIFTH-CENTURY GREECE in any attempt to reconstruct the history of the temple decorated by the famous Aeginetan Marbles (Fig. 7). 23 Throughout this period, Aegina’s international policy favoured Sparta and Thebes, while relations between Athens and her powerful island neighbour across the bay were marked by enmity and open warfare.

Leslie Shear, Jr—on no direct evidence, for, as Rhodes had stressed, none exists—nonetheless prefers the traditional view that the prytany system had been established nearly half a century earlier by the legislation of Cleisthenes. 2 Leslie Shear, the current director of the Agora excavations, also maintains the standard, Cleisthenic date for the Old Bouleuterion at ‘the end of the sixth century’,3 again first proposed by Homer Thompson, his predecessor at the Agora. Homer Thompson, as we have seen, now associates the Old Bouleuterion and the Tholos (Fig.

79 He is an old man and wears travelling boots. His journey is indeed a perilous one for the raised fingers of his right hand may be intended to suggest not the traditional sign of greeting, but a gesture of admonition. Brunn has seen in this central group a pictorial illustration of an Achaemenid court practice later reported by Aelian: if someone wished to counsel the Persian king on particularly secret or ambiguous matters, he had to do so standing upon a golden plinth. 80 We therefore see Darius’ guard standing behind the throne with his sword raised at the ready.

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