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By Aharon Oppenheimer

The Jews of historic Babylonia left their mark at the background at the Jewish humans greater than these of the other state within the Diaspora. through the Sassanian interval Babylonia steadily outmoded Eretz Israel because the major Jewish centre. The Babylonian Talmud confirmed the way of living not just of the Jews of Babylonia within the interval during which it used to be produced; greater than the other paintings it formed the total Jewish humans, its considering, its lifestyle, its courting with the area round, its legislations and ideas during the ages.A accomplished remedy providing "western" proof including that of talmudic literature, hoewever, has previously been unavailable. the combo may also help to advertise a greater knowing of the combined tradition involved. The examine offers a handy complitaion of fabric that's broadly scattered.

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N. 1) that Fam Furat Badaqla mentioned in Tabari, vol. 3, p. 359 ( = vol. 1, pp. 2037-2038) suggests another Apamea across from Zeugma on the Euphrates. v. "Didjla," p. 970. Hartmann wonders whether the Fam as-Silh canal is Apamea on the Sellas or whether Fam is a popular abbreviation of Famiya near Wasit, and refers to Herzfeld (Memnon 1 [1907]: 140). See Source 6 and the remarks in n. 10 above. 1 There does not seem to be any proof that the Famiya mentioned in Arabic sources is the lower city as Sehaeder believes, and information on "Nabateans" in Famiya is no proof.

Fam as-Silh" (under "Silh"). The assertion "as-Silh—Nahr Maisan" is cited from Muhtasar al-'ain, that is, an abridgement of Kitab al-'ain by alHalil b. Ahmad. The author of the Muhtasar is Muhammad b. al-Hasan az-Zubaidl (d. 989; see GAL, vol. 1, pp. 100, 132). The title of the parallel entry in Bakri is "'Ain as-Silh" (under "Silh"). Apparently '"Ain" here is just the '"Ain" in the title of the book quoted, that is, Kitab al-'ain or its abridgement Muhtasar al-'ain. v. " The fact that there was a canal called Nahr Maisan 17 1 2 18 1 8 20 1 — 35 — Apamea the talmudic description of the southeastern border o f Babylonia for genealog­ ical purposes reaching on the Tigris up to the two Apameas, and of one Apa­ mea distinguishable from the other b y its Mesenean speech, is authentic also in regard to the Mesene.

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