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20. 21. 22. 23. 24. C. 47 1330-668. the (remover) of boundaries and landmarks, the (overthrower) of Kings and Princes (whom) the gods ANU, ASSUR, SAMAS, RlMMON, and ISTAR to his feet subjected the supreme worshipper of BEL. The son of PUDIL, established by BEL, Vicegerent of ASSUR, the conqueror of the lands of Turuci and Nirkhi as far as the frontiers of furthest castles, ruling the mountains and the forests of the frontiers of wide Gutium, of the Gunukhlami and the Suti, their streams and lands the remover of boundaries and landmarks.

Very important inscription of this monarch exists on a fine large white stone, which records that a grant of land was made to Ritti-Marduk, king of Bit-KarziAn English translation was yabku, in this reign. made by Mr. Pinches and myself, and appeared in the Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archeology for April, 1884 a copy of it is given below. C. C. : 1. 2. 3. , 5. C. 1120 (ABpux), RECORDING A GRANT OF PRIVILEGES TO RlTTI-MARDUK, KING OF BlT-KARZIYABKU. FOUND AT ABU-HABBAH (SEPHARVAIM) BY MR.

C. 1330-668. 49 the wind dry up, and amongst his offspring want of crops, destruction, 41. famine in his country may he lay, with 42. curse (and) rain his country like a whirlwind may he fill, a mound and ruins may he turn ; may RiMMON to 43. in his evil devouring his country devour. 40. may 44. (Dated) the the month of eponymy Mukhur-ili, the soth day, during SHALMAN-KARRADU. After the time of Rimmon-Nirari the history becomes and all that is known with certainty is that Tukulti Ninip, king of Assyria, conquered Babylonia.

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