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By Willie Pritchett, David De Smet

* learn how to practice penetration checks with backpedal 5
* approximately a hundred recipes designed to educate penetration trying out rules and construct wisdom of backpedal five Tools
* offers distinct step by step directions at the utilization of lots of BackTrack’s well known and not-so- well known tools

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200 10. com Please do not run this tool against a public website that is not your own and on your own servers. com as an example and you should replace this with your target. Be careful! 11. txt 12. 200 13. With the results obtained, we can now proceed to document it. 46 Chapter 3 Determining the network range With the gathered information obtained by following the previous recipe of this chapter, we can now focus on determining the IP address's range from the target network. In this recipe, we will explore the tools needed to achieve it.

Com"],dport=[80,443],maxttl=20, retry=-2) 8. graph() 9. svg") 10. We can also have a 3D representation of the graph. trace3D() 48 Chapter 3 11. To exit scapy, type the following function: exit() 12. With the results obtained, we can now proceed to document it. How it works... In step 1, we use dmitry to obtain information from the target. com information, perform a search for possible subdomains, and a TCP port scan. The option -o allows us to save the result in a text document. In step 3, we make a simple ICMP netmask request with the -s option to output the IP address and netmask.

8. In the next screen, we'll specify the amount of space we want for the container. 9. Now, we need to type the password for our volume. Once done, click on Next. 10. Choose the filesystem type. 11. Select the cross-platform support depending on your needs. 12. At the next screen, the wizard asks us to move around the mouse within the window to increase the cryptographic strength of the encryption keys. When done, click on the Format button. 13. The formatting will start and ends with the creation of the TrueCrypt volume.

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