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By Richard Barber

Bestiaries are a very attribute made of medieval England, and provides a special perception into the medieval brain. Richly illuminated and lavishly produced, they have been luxurious gadgets for noble households. Their three-fold function was once to supply a traditional historical past of birds, beasts and fishes, to attract ethical examples from animal behaviour (the industrious bee, the obdurate ass), and to bare a paranormal which means - the phoenix, for example, as a logo ofChrist's resurrection. This Bestiary, MS. Bodley 764, used to be produced round the center of the 13th century and is of singular attractiveness and curiosity. The vigorous illustrations have the liberty and naturalistic qualityof the later Gothic variety, and make amazing use of color. This publication reproduces the 136 illuminations to a similar measurement and within the related position because the unique manuscript, becoming the textual content round them. Richard Barber's translation from the unique Latin is a pride to learn, taking pictures either the intense motive of the manuscript and its appeal.

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Equally, they will abstain from eating to excess, particularly as they drink on one day, and take food on the next. And if they do not digest it, they refrain from eating for a day. And if they have difficulty with too much meat, they will put a paw in their mouth, and pull it out of their own free will. They do the same if they are full and have to take flight. You can tell an old lion by his lack of teeth. They mate face to face, as also do the lynx, camel, elephant, and rhinoceros. When a lioness gives birth for the first time, she gives Page 26 birth to five cubs.

Behind the work of Isidore, one of the key texts of medieval learning, and behind the bestiary itself, there lay a common ancestor, the book called Physiologus, a Latin text which had been translated from the Greek into Latin at much the same time that Isidore was writing.  ' writes our compiler. I have translated Physiologus as 'the naturalists', because the Page 9 Physiologus represents a Christian version of the accumulated knowledge of the natural historians of the ancient world. The Greek text of the Physiologus was put together in Alexandria, the home of knowledge par excellence where pagan and Christian learning met and mingled, at some time between the second and fifth centuries AD.

Each year the number grows less, and when she has given birth to only one, she is no longer fertile, and remains sterile from then on. The lion rejects yesterday's food and turns away from food which he himself has left from a previous meal. Which animal dares to resist him whose voice is by its nature terror itself, so that many animals who could escape him by virtue of their speed are so terrified by his roaring that they are already vanquished? A sick lion will seek out an ape and devour it in order to be cured.

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