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The Archaic hunter-gatherer societies were the last cultural tradition that was ubiquitous throughout most of the continent. As different Archaic groups developed techniques for hunting and gathering in their local environments, however, their cultures began to diverge from one another. Competition for land also grew more fierce, and people developed more sedentary lifestyles in order to avoid the constant conflict with other groups that seasonal migrations caused. Horticulture. If the atlatl and basketry were important technological innovations, then the impact of horticulture—the cultivation of plants—can only be characterized as a revolution in lifestyle.

Sources: Robert S. Grumet, Historic Contact: Indian People and Colonists in Today's Northeastern United States in the Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995); Bruce G. : Smithsonian Institution, 1978). CLASSICAL AMERICA: THE EAST: SOUTH Moundbuilding Tradition. C. the Archaic inhabitants of the South domesticated the bottle gourd from which they made light and sturdy containers that did not break like ones made of pottery. They also domesticated sunflowers and added native squash and chenopodium to their diets.

When a cycle of droughts and raids by neighboring peoples dispersed them into the dozens of scattered, small pueblos that greeted the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 1540s. D.

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