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There are lots of bioelectromagnetic (BEM) units re-emerging within the twenty first century, in accordance with excessive voltage Tesla coils, that it appears carry precious health and wellbeing advancements to human organisms. Electromedicine or electromagnetic drugs are the phrases utilized to such advancements within the ELF, RF, IR, obvious or UV band. With brief time period, non-contacting exposures of numerous mins at a time, such excessive voltage Tesla PEMF units may well symbolize the precise, non-invasive treatment of the long run, followed via a shocking loss of damaging unintended effects. A biophysical cause for the advantages of BEM therapeutic a wide selection of health problems together with melanoma, proposes a correlation among a bioelectromagnetically restores transmembrane capability, and the electron delivery throughout phone membranes by means of electroportation, with general cellphone metabolism and immune approach enhancement.

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P. , p. 135 Figure 10 Average SAR (W/kg) vs. frequency (MHz) Interestingly, PEMFs have rapid rise times, with lots of high frequency harmonics (Fourier components), even with low pulse rate. PEMFs therefore, correspond directly to Lakhovsky’s philosophy of harmonic-rich electrotherapy. html 135 Schirmacher, A. 8 GHz) increase the permeability to sucrose of the blood-brain barrier in vitro” Bioelectromagnetics, V. 21, Issue 5, 2000, p. 338 136 Nanosecond periods T = frequencies f in the gigahertz range (f = 1/T).

They 39 are also rare gases as well as the most stable of elements. ), the noble gases represent great value and attractiveness to those inclined toward esoteric sources of information. Walter Russell, for example, is said to have described noble gases as “octaves of integrating light” and holographic representations of all the other elements. Perhaps human DNA knows something about this from a fundamental standpoint. Is there an intelligence in the biophoton communication method that can be related to DNA itself?

A. M. Frome, C. Wallach. “Electrochemical Therapy of Pelvic Pain: Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) on Tissue Trauma,” European Journal of Surgery, 1994, Supplement 574, p. M. et al. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, No. , New York, 1982, p. 512 93 Warburg, Otto, “On the Origin of Cancer Cells” Science, V. 123, 1956, p. ”94 High Voltage Electrostatic Effects Let’s look at high voltage electrostatic fields. Research shows that they have many effects on the human body, most of which appear to be favorable.

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