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By Manuel Ruiz-garcia, Joseph Mark Shostell

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People at each location stated their belief that pink river dolphins can transform themselves into elegantly dressed white men that don hats to cover their spiracles. They become excellent dancers and enamor young ladies at parties they crash. With cunning and a beautiful body, each ―man‖ entices an infatuated young lady to the river and then transports the innocent female to the ―dolphin city‖ under the water. The young lady is later returned to her village and nine months later, a baby is born.

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In Gillnets and Cetaceans. Reports to the International Whaling Commission (Special Issue 15, pp. 265-268). Cambridge, United Kingdom: International Whaling Commission. Bassoi, M. & Secchi, E. R. (2000). Temporal variation in the diet of franciscana Pontoporia blainvillei (Cetacea, Pontoporiidae) as a consequence of fish stocks depletion off southern Brazil. IV Encontro para a Coordenacao da Pesquisa e Conservacao da Fraciscana, Pontoporia blainvillei, no Atlantico Sul Ocidental, Working paper No.

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