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Love authorities, Cheryl Strayed, Nudism choosing on Pinterest

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Letters & Comments
Love It/Shove It
Annals of Junk technology: G-Spotting

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||| at the Page—A Q&A with author G. Willow Wilson

||| at the Web—Is Pinterest is as girly because the media paints it? And if that is so, who cares?

||| On Activism—Sarah Schulman talks activism, publishing politics, and making paintings from the margins

::: Nude Awakening Can the nudist flow get its groove again?

::: Sugar Rush—Speaking with writer and recommendation columnist Cheryl Strayed

::: lifestyles on Mars (Hill)—In the nation's fastest-growing megachurch, religion and feminism don't mix

::: highway Smarts—The gender justice of graffiti artist Panmelo Castro

::: ailing Advised—A new team of courting specialists are profiting from the single-black-woman meme

\\\ Bookmarked—Why does gender want its personal genre?

\\\ intercourse and Salacity—Should we snicker or recoil while ladies are weak onscreen?

\\\ Rapped Up—Why can't the mainstream media deal with lady MCs one after the other?

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Adventures in Feministory Comics: Dr. Mae Jemison by means of Jennifer Cruté

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The End Of Capitalism (As We Knew It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy

Within the mid-1990s, on the peak of educational dialogue concerning the inevitability of capitalist globalization, J. ok. Gibson-Graham offered a groundbreaking and debatable argument for envisioning replacement economies. This new version comprises an advent within which the authors deal with severe responses to the tip of Capitalism and description the commercial learn and activism they've been engaged in because the e-book was once first released.

Jung, Irigaray, Individuation: Philosophy, Analytical Psychology, and the Question of the Feminine

How do philosophy and analytical psychology give a contribution to the mal-figuring of the female and ladies? Does Luce Irigaray's paintings characterize the potential for individuation for ladies, an get away from masculine projection and an putting forward re-figuring of ladies? And what could individuation for girls entail?
This paintings postulates a unique and certain courting among Carl Jung and Luce Irigaray. Its primary argument, that an ontologically assorted female identification located in women's embodiment, women's family tree and a women's divine is feasible, develops and re-figures Jung's suggestion of individuation by way of an Irigarayan woman-centred politics. Individuation is re-thought as a politically charged factor targeted round sex-gendered distinction focussed on a critique of Jung's notion of the feminine.
The e-book outlines Plato's belief of the female as ailment and argues that this belief is located in Jung's concept of the anima female. It then argues that Luce Irigaray's paintings demanding situations the idea of the female as disease. Her mimetic adoption of this figuring of the female is a right away attack on what could be understood as a culturally dominant Western figuring out. Luce Irigaray argues for a female divine to be able to version an amazing female simply because the masculine divine versions a masculine perfect. In making her claims, Luce Irigaray, the booklet argues, is increasing and elaborating Jung's inspiration of individuation.
Jung, Irigaray, Individuation brings jointly philosophy, analytical psychology and psychoanalysis in suggesting that Luce Irigaray's perception of the female is a serious re-visioning of the open-ended chances for person expressed in Jung's suggestion of individuation. This clean perception will intrigue lecturers and analysts alike in its exploration of the several traditions from which Carl Jung and Luce Irigaray speak.

Note: retail caliber EPUB, comprises TOC/chapters.

The Black Body in Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography (Next wave: New Directions in Women's Studies)

Within the Black physique in Ecstasy, Jennifer C. Nash rewrites black feminism's idea of illustration. Her research strikes past black feminism's preoccupation with harm and restoration to think about how racial fictions can create an area of organization or even excitement for black woman topics. Nash's cutting edge readings of hardcore pornographic motion pictures from the Nineteen Seventies and Eighties increase a brand new approach to reading racialized pornography that specializes in black women's pleasures in blackness: delights in toying with and subverting blackness, moments of racialized pleasure, planned enactments of hyperbolic blackness, and funny performances of blackness that poke enjoyable on the fantastical undertaking of race.

Other Powers: The Age of Suffrage, Spiritualism, and the Scandalous Victoria Woodhull

From the writer of Little Gloria . . . satisfied ultimately, a beautiful blend of background and biography that interweaves the tales of a few of an important social, political, and non secular figures of America's Victorian period with the brave and infamous lifetime of Victoria Woodhull, to inform the tale of her fantastic upward push and fall and upward thrust back.

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The clothes-free lifestyle may sound sexy, but as Sedaris discovers, it’s anything but. Can the nudist movement get its groove back? BY VICTORIA BEKIEMPIS | ILLUSTRATIONS BY BLAIRE ANNE STAPP An almost-equally common perception is that nudists are naive exhibitionists, a portrayal used in media and popular culture as an emphatic punch line. ”) to the 2012 film Wanderlust, which features a largely clueless band of hippies at a stranded-in-time backwoods commune, nudists are often painted as people who, at best, simply don’t get other people’s discomfort—or, at worst, pressure them into awkward co-nakedness.

Their relationship continued to deteriorate, and when she confessed an infidelity to Jeff, the church leaders took action, drawing up a “spiritual discipline contract” for Kailea. It promised, among other things, that she and Jeff would move back in together immediately, and that she would stop seeing her therapist, who was unaffiliated with Mars Hill. When Kailea refused to sign, she was kicked out of the church. The leadership posted a letter on the church’s member website asking her friends to stop contacting her, and she has not heard from a single one of them since.

As a citizen, I need to contribute in any way [I can] with my community,” she says. “The way that I find to make it is helping others and women to be free. com. Gabriella Brown is a writer and student living in Chicago. Your purchase of this digital edition makes it possible for us to thrive. fa l l . 56 bitch | 45 A NEW CREW OF RELATIONSHIP EXPERTS ARE CASHING IN ON THE SINGLE-BLACKWOMAN MEME 46 | bitch f e m i n i s t r e s p o n s e t o p o p c u lt u r e Bitch Media is a non-profit, independent media organization.

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