Download Black Cats, Hoot Owls, and Water Witches: Beliefs, by Kenneth W. Davis, Everett A. Gillis, Teel Sale PDF

By Kenneth W. Davis, Everett A. Gillis, Teel Sale

Everyone worthy his salt understands snappin’ turtle won’t allow cross until eventually it thunders, yet were you aware that greater than 13 blackbirds on a fence with their tails to the north is a certain signal of a coming blue norther? Or so that you can consume each grain of rice on your bowl otherwise you could have a wife who has fowl pox marks? think about the unnecessary human agony the area has persevered just because not anyone afflicted to gather the mixed knowledge of the people and to make it to be had for speedy reference!

Thanks to Kenneth W. Davis and Everett A. Gillis, these darkish days are actually at an finish. no matter if you wish suggestion at the moon and stars; climate; water witching; planting and transforming into; worms, frogs, roosters, crickets and different critters; garments; or love, marriage, domestic and kin, it’s all right here during this convenient little compendium.

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Sam Harmon, Beaumont Rheumatism can be cured by carrying an Irish potato in the pocket until it shrivels. The potato absorbs the poison and the rheumatism leaves you. Brass finger rings also ward off rheumatism. Fern Ringer, Gladewater Make a perfect remedy for rheumatism by placing thirty pecan halves in thirty tablespoons of good bour- bon whiskey; let the pecan halves soak in the whiskey in a tightly closed jar for thirty days. Then, drink a tablespoon of the whiskey twice daily and eat one pecan half with each tablespoon of whiskey.

Burns, Guthrie Smoke settling to the ground is a sure sign of falling weather. Willie Haithcock, Plainview If the west is red on Sunday evening, it will rain before Wednesday. Marie Hill, Lubbock Thick shucks on corn means a cold winter ahead. Claude Davis, Lubbock Page 16 Thunder will cause milk to sour. Marie Hill, Lubbock The first killing frost of the year will occur two months after the date of the first north winds to blow for three days in August. Mildred Hoghland, Perryton It will rain somewhere within sight every day in June if it rains on June first.

T. Shahan, Bracketville Spit on a fish hook to make the fish bite. Olive Wheeler, Lubbock Page 41 HOME AND HEARTH Page 42 Page 43 Love, Marriage, Home and Children If you sneeze before breakfast, you will see your true love before Saturday night. Linda Shile, Plainview Giving a bride-to-be or a newborn baby a silver dollar will bring the recipient good luck. Eleanor Cossiart, San Antonio Marry in blue, your love will be true. Marry in brown, you will live in town. Marry in green, you will be ashamed to be seen.

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