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By Brian Punsly

Introduces a brand new department of physics, gravitohydromagnetics, that is curious about the plasma interactions mixed with the consequences of gravity and a powerful magnetic box within the ergosphere of a black gap, which creates a 'torsional tug of war.'

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Thus, the width is expected to oscillate with α for a given 1 Spin Dynamics: Fast Switching of Macro-spins 17 magnetic anisotropy. This oscillation was indeed observed in numerical calculations as shown in Fig. 7b for k2 = 2, k4 = 0. The upper-left inset of Fig. 1 and k2 = 2, k4 = 0. 156. One sees that h increases while the reversal time decreases with β. The similar plot for α = 1 is shown in the lower-right inset of Fig. 7b. 1), h decreases and the reversal time increases with β. 57 with tan(β 2 + π 4) = eαπ /2 since it is expected to be exact for h → ∞ when the magnetic anisotropy can be neglected.

It saturates to the SW field beyond αc [12, 21]. 1 Spin Dynamics: Fast Switching of Macro-spins Fig. 15 The switching field h c vs. 0 α Although the theoretical limit of the switching field is academically important because it provides a low bound to the switching field so that one can use the theorem to evaluate the quality of one particular strategy, a design using a field at the theoretical limit would not be interesting from a practical point of view because the switching time would be infinite long.

Furthermore, theoretical limits on the switching field, switching current, and switching time were obtained for uniaxial Stoner particles. The limits could be used as a benchmark to evaluate different reversal scheme besides other possible usages. SC03. We would also like to thank APS for granting us permission to use some materials in our early publications in APS journals. References 1. W. W. Paudler, Nuclear magnetic resonance: general concepts and applications, (Wiley, New York, 1987). 2. R.

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