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To vacationing geologists Black Rock, New Mexico, is a basaltic escarpment and a terrific average laboratory. To health center staff Black Rock is a picturesque position to earn cash. To the Zuni the mesas, arroyos, and the rock itself are a degree on which the eagerness in their elders is relived. William A. avoid ex-plores how a shared experience of position evolves through the years and during multi-ple cultures that declare the panorama. via tales advised over many generations, this panorama has given the Zuni an understand-ing of ways they got here to be during this international. extra lately, paleogeographers have studied the rocks and landforms to higher comprehend the realm because it as soon as used to be. Archaeologists have carried out examine on ancestral Zuni websites within the neighborhood of Black Rock to discover the cultural heritage of the zone. moreover, the Anglo-American staff of the Bureau of Indian Affairs got here to Black Rock to develop the federal Indian coverage of assimilation and taken with them their very own feel of position. Black Rock has been an academic complicated, an company city, and an Anglo neighborhood. at the present time it's a well-being care heart, advertisement quarter, and multiethnic subdivision. by means of describing the dramatic adjustments that came about at Black Rock throughout the 20th century, ward off deftly weaves a narrative of ways the cultural panorama of this neighborhood mirrored adjustments in govt coverage and the way the Zunis themselves, during the coverage of Indian self-determination, ultimately gave new meanings to this old panorama. William A. evade is a cultural historian at Van Citters old renovation LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has labored for over thirty years in southwestern cultural assets and was once director of the Zuni Archaeology application on the Pueblo of Zuni.

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At Zuni, it begins in what geologists call the Triassic Period, some 210 million years ago. Back then, imagine the Zuni River valley not as a valley at all, but part of a large, low-lying basin. The basin itself is only a very small part of an immense supercontinent that paleogeographers call Pangea. By the time our story starts, Pangea has already begun its imperceptible crawl in a northwesterly direction, thus initiating the breakup of the supercontinent into the landmasses we call continents today.

32 According to Momaday and Cajete, Native people have a special perception of the places in their life-world. However, deep-seated connections between perception and place are not the exclusive domain of Native cultures. We all engage in this never-ending dialectic, and the meanings produced by this activity are both profound and complex. And, as one might expect, our perceptions of place are not limited to our five senses. We perceive place through our memory and imagination as well. Thus, we can imagine places as they might be, even though we cannot go there.

The river cut through the uplifted Mesozoic layers of sandstones and shale in its own search for equilibrium as it flowed toward the Little Colorado River. Except for the ever-present erosional forces that affect any terrain and cause it to constantly change, this is the landscape seen today along [ 21 ] [ 22 ] A P L A C E O F L A N D F O R M S , I M A G I N AT I O N , A N D S P I R I T U A L I T Y the Zuni River valley. It is the same landscape, that is, except for one significant geological feature: the Black Rock lava flow.

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