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Hence the modulus operator with ‘d’ and ‘e’ as operands is executed even though the subtraction operator comes first in the expression. Step 4: As a result of the preceding steps the value of ‘105’ is stored in the variable ‘result’. 1(a) Now solve the remaining parts of the example to obtain the following results: (b) result = 105 (c) result = 105 (d) result = 145 COMMON PROGRAMMING ERRORS Using a variable in an expression before the variable is assigned a value will lead to unexpected result as unintialized variables may have junk value.

Backslash Question mark The most commonly used escape sequences are the ‘\n’ and the ‘\t’ sequences. The ‘\n’ escape sequence is used to shift the cursor to the next line where as the ‘\t’ sequence is used to shift the cursor by eight spaces when printing lines of text. It acts like the ‘tab’ key on our keyboard. PROGRAMMING TIPS Variables with the same data type can be grouped together and declared in one statement Format: dataType variableList; For example, int A1, A2, A3; A good programming practice is to declare each initialized variable on a line by itself.

Dividing a variable with zero will lead to an over flow error. Forgetting to separate individual data streams passed to ‘cout’ with an insertion (“put to”) symbol will result in a syntax error. 8 Relational Operators An operator is a symbol or letter used to indicate a specific operation on variables or values in a program. In order to carry out a comparison between two expressions (values/variables) one needs to use the relational operators. ANSI C++ standards specify that the result of a relational expression is binary.

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