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By Tim Dorsey

And busting out of Chattahoochee country sanatorium ... with out his meds! The thrill-killing Floridaphile must resolve his bookie grandad's extraordinary 1964 loss of life -- let alone release "Serge & Lenny's Florida Experience," the hot Miami uniqueness travel enterprise he is cooked up together with his top brain-dead druggie-buddy. it is all stable. For Serge A. Storms, besides. now not lots for somebody else.

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The chair held a frail old man with a hearing aid. A flat golf cap sat on his head, a plaid blanket over his legs. TV people held out microphones on long poles. Dark-haired men with black gloves and black overcoats pushed them back. “Mr. ” “I feel like I’m twenty,” responded the old man. “What do they say nowadays? ” The reporters laughed. “Mr. ” The old man chuckled. “Prosecutors are politicians. ” Laughs again. “But what about your crime syndicate? S. Steel. ” The old man slowly smiled. “Meyer was a family friend, that’s all.

Great sandwich. Never touched. Never even opened. ” He handed the bag across the guard desk. ” “Thanks, Mr. . ” Tony reached over the desk to shake. ” “Mr. Davis. You need to be wearing a—” Tony saluted and headed out. ” It went like that three nights a week for three months. Pizza, fish and chips, steak sandwiches, shrimp salad. Sometimes Tony would pull up a chair, tuck a paper napkin in his collar and chow down at the guard desk with Charley. By December they were old friends. “Got him a train set,” said Charley.

The last surviving fence from the ’64 gem heist. ” “Don’t embarrass me,” said Serge, working on Lenny’s tie. Lenny pointed across the cemetery. ” 4 0 | T I M D O R S E Y “Now you made me mess up. ” Serge glanced over his shoulder. ” Serge finished the Windsor and stepped back. ” Agent Bixby slowly scanned his binoculars across the cemetery grounds. He stopped and adjusted focus. “Hold on. ” “I see them,” said Miller, zooming in with his Nikon. “Hey, those are the two guys from the car behind us,” said Bixby.

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