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By Michael Freeman

In just about all images it’s the standard of sunshine that makes or breaks the shot. for pro photographers, chasing the sunshine, expecting it, occasionally supporting it, and eventually shooting it's a consistent preoccupation — and for a few an obsession.

Drawing on 4 a long time of doing simply this, Michael Freeman takes an easy yet functional method of reacting to, and shooting photography’s most vital commodity.

There are only 3 sections titled ready, Chasing, and assisting: ready explains the categories of lighting fixtures that photographers can expect and plan for, whereas Chasing explores the brief, serendipitous mild that photographers need to paintings fast to take advantage of. supporting, the ultimate and such a lot technical part, specializes in the abilities and strategies for boosting, decreasing, or differently controlling gentle, masking every little thing from in-the-field capturing offerings to technical differences to post-production.

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But at least it can preserve the lunar quality of the sunlight, and way to make the most of this is to look for subjects and arrangements that are themselves contrasty: white prayer flags shot from low so as to place them against the darker sky overhead, dense shadows, snow on the south face of Mount Kailash against the sky, and so on. Prayer flags over a chorten, Nara Pass, western Tibet, 1997 38 HARD LIGHT H I G H - A LT I T U D E B L U E Key Points Lunar Quality Sky Blue to Violet Polarize High-altitude hard Light The contrast between light and shade is as high as it gets anywhere, and open shade is noticeably blue.

Together, both breathe life into the wall. And a final thing, those raking shadows are very narrow, front to back, so that I could place the boys just a few feet in front and have them side-lit, standing out against the shadows, and considering that I wanted the two players small against the huge cathedral, doing this ensured they caught the eye. • Shadow movement over three hours Over a period of nearly three hours, from 3:38pm to 6:12pm, this is how the shadows lengthened and moved across the south wall of Cartagena cathedral.

Refractions are another way in which the sun interacts with the scene. To have refraction, the thing that the light shines through has to be transparent or translucent, and the many effects are because of the change of angle of the light. On the left is an obvious one, bottles (of oil) for sale in Omdurman market, Sudan. But clouds also refract light, which is why the sun behind clouds that are not too thick can make such a variety of effect. • Shooting toward the sun Compare this illustration with the alternatives at the same time of day on pages 94–95.

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