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An award winner by means of knowledgeable on historic Greek tradition! Gods and goddesses, personalities and areas, historical past and archeology: this attention-grabbing and beautifully authoritative paintings faucets into the richest veins of the classical world--its mythology. It covers all of the vital tales, characters (divine, human, and animal), sacred websites, and significant occasions that formed previous civilizations...and our personal. huge quotations from the unique assets and over a hundred illustrations brighten up greater than four hundred articles.

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Aeneas, anxious and disheartened, is encouraged in a dream by the god of the River Tiber. In the morning he finds, just as the god promised, the white sow prophesied by Helenus lying on the riverbank with her thirty piglets, a sign that on this spot Ascanius will found a city thirty years later, and will call it Alba Longa ('Long White') after the sow. On the god's instructions, Aeneas rows up the Tiber to Pallanteum, a city on a hill that will later be the Palatine Hill of Rome, and asks its king, the Arcadian EVANDER, to be his ally.

The herald of the ARGONAUTS. He was a son of HERMES by Eupolemeia, the daughter of Myrmidon, and the half-brother of Erytus and Echion. Hermes granted Aethalides an undying memory that stayed with him even after death. He then lived alternately in the Underworld and on earth, where he inhabited a new body from time to time, one of which was said to have been that of the philosopher Pythagoras. ] Aether ('Brightness'). The personification of the upper air, where the light was thought to be brighter and clearer than in the air immediately surrounding the earth.

They are welcomed by DIDO, the queen of Carthage, who at the instigation of Venus quickly falls in love with Aeneas and is encouraged to yield to her passion by her sister ANNA. While out hunting, Aeneas and Dido take shelter in a cave during a violent storm. There they consummate their love. Now the lovers live only for each other and Aeneas forgets all about his quest, until reminded of his destiny by Mercury (HERMES) and urged to sail once more for Italy. Unwillingly, but obediently, he departs.

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