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By Louis L'Amour

Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow were certain as pals considering the fact that formative years. by the point they grew to manhood, Catlow had develop into a best cowhand with a wild streak. It took only one disastrous war of words with a band of grasping ranchers to make him an outlaw. And while he crossed that line, it was once as much as U.S. Marshal Ben Cowan to deliver him in alive--if simply Catlow might provide him the chance....

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If such a man thought Catlow was a danger to him he would not say so to his face. He would wait, watch, and if possible kill him. Bijah was a tough man but a reckless one. Did he know how dangerous Miller could be? SEVEN Ben Cowan had an uncomfortable feeling that events were building toward a climax that had no place in his planning. It was true that he wanted to arrest Bijah Catlow and get him out of the way before he got into more trouble. It was also true that it was his duty to arrest him, as Bijah himself well knew.

He carried a carbine in his hand, wore two belt guns, one butt forward, one back, and crossed cartridge belts on his chest. His wide-bottomed buckskin pants had been slit to reveal fancy cowhide boots, and spurs with rowels bigger than pesos. The Mexican had a scar down one cheek and a thick mustache. The Mexican rode to the Quartz Rock Saloon and dismounted there. He kept his carbine in his hand when he went inside. A few moments later, Ben saw a Mexican boy leave the back of the saloon. Ben drew back into the doorway of a vacant adobe and lighted a fresh cigar.

After a while, when the sky was spangled with stars, he rolled up in his blankets and slept. Far-off, a coyote howled ... a quail called its question into the night, and above the horse and man the black cliff leaned, somber and stark against the blue-black sky. He awakened suddenly in the cool dim light just before the dawn. His first glance was to his horse, for the roan was erect, ears up, nostrils flared. Swiftly, Ben was beside the horse, whispering a warning, putting a hand to its nostrils to stifle a whinny.

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