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Stuck having a look applauds sexual excitement and variety. during this assortment, feminist writings on problems with pornography, censorship and sexuality are paralleled via sexually specific imagery courting from the 1890's to the current. the ladies who created this publication selected those pictures to shock, excite and pleasure. jointly, those photos and texts reply on to conservative efforts at censorship. that includes a hundred years of porn in photographs this ebook invitations girls to extra discover their very own sexuality

Introduction via Kate Ellis, Barbara O'Dair & Abby Tallmer
Statement From The Designers via Beth Jaker, Hannah Alderfer & Marybeth Nelson
Picture Section
Retrenchment Vs. Transformation by means of Ann Snitow
Picture Section
Among Us, opposed to Us: the hot Puritans by way of Pat Califia
The Pornography Debate In Context by means of Nan D. Hunter
Pornography & excitement by means of Paula Webster
Picture Section
I'm Black & Blue via Kate Ellis
Picture Section
Sex Premises by means of Barbara O'Dair & Abby Tallmer
Feminism, Moralism & Pornography via Ellen Willis
Picture Section
Censorship within the identify Of Feminism through Lisa Duggan
Picture Section
False grants Lisa Duggan, Nan D. Hunter & Carole S. Vance
Picture Section
The Minneapolis Anti-Pornography Ordinance
Selected Bibliography: Books & exact Issues
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Griffin Griffin talks only about fantile being mind pornographic to the male infant's dependency mon conclusion for and the upon which they from traces the origin of the is pornography undermines tional gender roles as a tragic example, she intuits ings feminists to ponder, but the point clear: asymmetrical. Using Marilyn connection between pornographic im- 7 in this that they are en- as they vis-a-vis his memories of Comwomen mother. pornographic images of driven to the point of frenzy by their is is tation.

S. S. Sources for Attitude from Boston and the Barnard Conference, Women essays opposing suppression of sexually explicit material, published. Meanwhile, lesbian sex magazines begin publication, includ- Bad WAV AW. S. " ing (Our Bodies, Ourselves), Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women, and the and introduced by a conservative revised County Council member * Just ton Women's Health Renewal Challenges by Women's Groups"; R. Morgan, Sisterhood Is Powerful; off our hacks, back issues; S. Schechter, Male Violence; A.

Seem, that any social policy. a connection between the use of por- sponse to them, these feminists have world. They then conclude, and using it as the basis of laws and tion bruises, feminists turned to the lucrative pornography industry. Sensing a dramatic world and the way we are perceived "The Tool Box Murders" or "The Saw Massacre" were less and more sup- sensitive to rape victims portive of the myth (that women like it) of rape than students exposed to films without violence or films without sex all.

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