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By Odom W.

CISCO Официальные руководства по подготовке к сертификационным экзаменам CCENT/CCNA. К каждой книге прилагается CD с вопросами, уроками и бесплатными версиями соответствующих сетевых симуляторов. Также прилагается эмулятор сетевых устройств Boson Netsim.

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The exam engine does not let you go back and change your answer. Yes, that’s true—when you move on to the next question, that’s it for the earlier question. The exam questions can be in one of the following formats: ■ Multiple choice (MC) ■ Testlet ■ Drag-and-drop (DND) ■ Simulated lab (Sim) ■ Simlet The first three types of questions are relatively common in many testing environments. The multiple choice format simply requires that you point and click a circle beside the correct answer(s). Cisco traditionally tells you how many answers you need to choose, and the testing software prevents you from choosing too many answers.

Clients cannot be used to configure VLAN information. Oddly enough, Cisco switches cannot disable VTP. The closest option is to use transparent mode, which causes a switch to ignore VTP, other than to forward VTP messages so that any other clients or servers can receive a copy. The next section explains the normal operations when the engineer uses server and client modes to take advantage of VTP’s capabilities, followed by an explanation of the rather unusual way to essentially disable VTP by enabling VTP transparent mode.

Collision domain b. Broadcast domain c. Subnet domain d. Single switch e. Trunk Imagine a switch with three configured VLANs. How many IP subnets are required, assuming that all hosts in all VLANs want to use TCP/IP? a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 e. You can’t tell from the information provided. Which of the following fully encapsulates the original Ethernet frame in a trunking header rather than inserting another header inside the original Ethernet header? a. VTP b. ISL c. 1Q d. 1Q e. None of the other answers are correct.

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