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308 1037_05F9_c2 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. Copyright © 1998, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. scr 110 55 Implementation Redistribution with OSPF 308 1037_05F9_c2 111 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. Route Filtering Network X • Selectively announce routes, per ASBR • Selectively accept routes, per ASBR Advertise B and Y • Can filter at redistribution points with any other protocols: RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, IS-IS, BGP, Static, etc. Advertise B and X Network A Network B • Use “route-maps” at ASBR Based on extended access-lists for route prefixes Based on “tags” of route origin or history Network Y Based on AS filters in BGP 308 1037_05F9_c2 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Copyright © 1998, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. scr 84 42 Summarization • Routing is by longest prefix match • Instead of advertising many more specific prefixes, advertise only one summary prefix Area-range on ABR to summarize type 3 LSAs Summary-address on ASBR to sum Type 5s • Not only smaller, but also more stable • Drawback is possible sub-optimal routing 308 1037_05F9_c2 85 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. 0 Token Ring • Only summary LSA advertised out • Link-state changes do not propagate © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc.

At what version did the protocol you’re interested become ready for prime time? • Hardware platform(s)’s capabilities, such as CPU and memory The newer protocols typically consume more memory Older protocols had a linear CPU utilization Most new protocols consume more CPU during convergence 308 1037_05F9_c2 99 © 1999, Cisco Systems, Inc. ) • The size and complexity of the network Is the topology hierarchical? How many protocols are already in use? Given the topology, what protocol is best? • Addressing Are there secondaries?

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