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Crucial info, nearly very unlikely to discover in different places, for each Cisco IOS (Internetwork working process) administrator. First IOS publication through a CCIE, so readers should be certain they are getting specialist and skilled recommendation. Designed to function a easy, daily operations handbook with an easy-to-use structure.

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It is unrealistic to build a network with 2 or 32,764 nodes on a single logical segment. This does not mean that it has not been tried, but those who have tried have failed miserably and have created an administrative nightmare. NOTE: The two-node subnet mask is actually quite common on point-to-point serial links, but a router typically is used, not a bridge or a switch. As can be seen in the preceding discussion, choosing the correct number of nodes for a logical segment often can be difficult and time-consuming.

This is usually attributed to a limited budget. However, the price of switches has come down to the point where an organization would have to be painfully frugal not to install all switches, as in Figure 1-16. In the configuration in Figure 1-16, the organization has implemented switched Ethernet to the desktop. The total number of physical segments has been increased dramatically to 48, excluding the physical segment to the router. This implementation will not be significantly more expensive, but it will increase total aggregate bandwidth to 480 Mb/s as opposed to the 40 Mb/s in Figure 1-15.

The bridge with the lowest bridge priority will be the root bridge. If there is a tie, the bridge ID will be used as the tiebreaker. Page 46 Figure 2-17 Complex Spanning Tree Page 47 2. Determine the designated bridges. The bridge port advertising the lowest cost to the root will be the designated root. In the event of a tie, the port ID will be the tiebreaker. 3. Determine the root ports. On all bridges, determine which port has the lowest cost to the root bridge. This port will be the root port.

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