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This full-color publication starts off with an in depth learn of the character of colour images-including average, multispectral, and pseudocolor images-and covers acquisition, quality controls, and show of colour pictures, in addition to problems with noise and artifacts in colour photos and segmentation for the detection of areas of curiosity or gadgets. The e-book is essentially written with the (post-)graduate scholar in brain, yet practising engineers, researchers, computing device scientists, info technologists, clinical physicists, and data-processing experts also will reap the benefits of its intensity of knowledge. these operating in various parts corresponding to DIP, machine imaginative and prescient, development attractiveness, telecommunications, seismic and geophysical functions, biomedical functions, health facility details platforms, distant sensing, mapping, and geomatics could locate this ebook worthwhile of their quest to profit complicated options for the research of colour or multichannel photos.

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9 for dim or dark conditions [73]. 95 for typical viewing conditions [70]. CIECAM97 successfully predicts color adaptation of the HVS [73]; however, its complexity poses a barrier for its widespread adoption and use [73]. Therefore, the CIE established a new simplified color appearance model, known as CIECAM02 [69]. This color appearance model utilizes a linear von Kries-type chromatic adaptation procedure. 0061   Y1  . 9834 Z1 Here, the transform matrix is normalized so that the tristimulus values for the equal-energy illuminant (X1 = Y1 = Z1 = 100) produce equal responses of the cones (L1 = M1 = S1 = 100).

Therefore, a color space is a concept with which color can be specified, created, and visualized. 13 Basic scheme of color perception in the retina illustrating the combination of the trichromatic and opponent theories [61, 62, 88]. The three types of cones involved in the perception of color are labeled as L, M , and S. The R − G operation is performed by parvocellular ganglion (PCG) cells, and the Y −B operation is performed by blue-yellow ganglion (BYG) cells. Y stands for yellow. produce a specific color in terms of the reflectance and absorption of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black or key (CM Y K) inks on paper [89].

The boundaries of some of the bands are approximate and vary from one reference to another. Acoustic waves used in seismic imaging, sonar, and ultrasonography are not part of the EM spectrum. Accelerated electrons used in electron microscopy share some properties with EM waves but are composed of particles. Cosmic rays are also composed of particles and not included in the EM spectrum. See the list of symbols and abbreviations on page xxi for details regarding the symbols and acronyms used. 2 The visible color spectrum displayed in the form of a double rainbow over the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Kananaskis near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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