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The body of the constructor, like the body of all C procedures, is delimited by a pair of curly braces, but in this particular example there is nothing to do in the constructor body because all the work has been done in the initialization section of the constructor. The constructors mentioned in the Complex class declaration allow us to create Complex numbers using the following declarations: Complex a; Complex b(50, 100); Complex c(b); The Complex named a is initialized to zero, the Complex named b is initialized to 50 + l00i, and the Complex named c is initialized to the value of b.

Much of this chapter is concerned with the process of refinement. Refinement of algorithms is (usually) an iterative process, where one begins with a very high level—that is, the what—and by repeatedly modifying the algorithm by adding more detail (the how) brings the algorithm closer and closer to being code, until the final coding of the algorithm becomes a very clear task. Ideally, when one is writing a program, one should not have to figure out any logic problems; all of these should be taken care of in the algorithm.

She intends to deposit an additional $100 into this account on the first day of each of the next 19 months for a total of 20 deposits (including the initial deposit). The account pays interest at a rate of 5% per annum compounded monthly. Her initial deposit is also on the first day of the month. Mary would like to know what the balance in her account will be at the end of the 20 months in which she will be making a deposit. P1: GNB/MAG P2: FJU Final Pages Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology EN003I-840 June 13, 2001 22:43 509 Computer Algorithms In order to solve this problem, we need to know how much interest is earned each month.

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