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By Ian Sinclair (Auth.)

Covers the syllabus for urban and Guilds 424, utilizing the minimal of arithmetic, and together with feedback for useful paintings, routines and multiple-choice questions with solutions. it may fill the necessity for a textbook on laptop technology that's in keeping with hands-on adventure with microcomputers

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Perhaps at this stage, we could think of extending the scheme later to a fully automated warehouse, so that the correct parts-bin could be placed on a moving belt automatically. This in turn leads to specifications being drawn up for the various parts of the program; the input of the parts data, the specification of a required part, and the method of passing the request on for action. We have to assume that since this method has been chosen, the analyst knows of a computer system on which such work is possible.

Each CPU contains a number of units called registers, which act rather like banks of switches which can be set. If we imagine that each switch in a register allows a 1 or a 0 signal to exist, then connecting these switches to the address lines will place the required electrical voltages on the lines. The CPU maintains one register, called the program counter which is used specifically for the purpose of addressing. When the CPU is switched on, this program counter register is set to an address number, which can, for example, be 0.

Another advantage is that the modern minicomputer will be interactive, allowing the operator the choice of using it for purposes other than batch or real-time computing. Like the mainframe, the modern minicomputer permits use by a number of terminals, all connected to the central unit and all working independently. One user may be typing letters, making use of a word-processing program, another may be working on accounts, using a spreadsheet program, a third may be working on customer records using a database.

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