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2—4-4 If no BGP path selection tools are configured on the route to influence the traffic flow, AS 387 will use the shortest AS path. This action will result in unwanted behavior because the return traffic to AS 213 will be sent over the low-speed WAN link. 0/8 over EBGP sessions to both AS 462 and AS 387. When AS 213 sends EBGP updates, it changes the AS-path attribute according to BGP specifications. 0/8 with the AS path set to 213. 0/8 that it received from AS 213 as its best route, AS 462 uses that route and forwards it to AS 387.

0/8, the difference in local preference values causes AS 387 routers to select the path via AS 462 as the best. However, all the configuration work to complete this process must be performed in AS 387. The network administrators of AS 387 would be required to modify the router configurations in AS 387 to satisfy the administrative policy requirements of AS 213. All changes must be documented and maintained according to the rules and procedures that have been adopted by AS 387. If AS 387 is a major Internet service provider (ISP), the network administrators most likely are too busy doing other things to tailor router configurations that are based on the demand of a single leaf (nontransit) AS that lacks bandwidth on a redundant connection.

Note Changing an outgoing route-map affects only the BGP updates that are sent after the change. To propagate the new and longer AS path with all announced routes, the routes must all be resent by the router. To do this, use the privileged EXEC command clear ip bgp with the soft out qualifier. set as-path To modify an AS path for BGP routes, use the set as-path route-map configuration command. „ set as-path {tag | prepend as-path-string} To not modify the AS path, use the no form of this command.

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