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Intellectual stagnation the educational system were and the inefficiency of not features peculiar to but were common to the whole Moslem world. Hence the reform movements in the middle of the nineteenth century, such as those of Senoussis, Turkish life, But the man who most clearly etc. role a and realised categorically stated the decisive defective and antiquated system of education was Moslem communities playing in the decline of the was Sheikh Jemaleddine Afghani. He came to Turand key to propagate his teaching after a rather long Wahhabis, Babis hard experience in Afghanistan.

The gion was one of the fundamentals of the Ottoman State. Stalin, if he tried to restore property-holding, the though majority of Russia may want it, could not do Communist in the face of the it The state. between the Ottoman and the difference Soviet systems lies mainly in their aim and scope and the greater efficiency of the Soviet, which has all the accumulated administrative experience of Europe and the equipment of modern science at its service. But both are superimposed states with a specialProfessor A.

Offer any effective Uibbon tolls us how principle* in the Latin and Western armies who came to help the Byzantines The Byzantines looted and massacred the Greeks. answered in kind. Such keen and ambitious minds as those of the Ottoman Turks must soon have discovered that from the eighth century onward Eastern Europe and iByzaritium lacked order; that the peoples over whom Byzantium ruled were very different from the passive Eastern masses over which other Turks had founded states; and that the only power which had created Hence Rome should lasting otder had been Rome.

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