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By Simo Parpola, Kazuko Watanabe

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Let him give orders to a messenger, and let the messenger come straight away. I will wait for him, and (then) bring the bed in. 55. NUN a-na54 ....... 55 and 141f. 7,10, 15F See copy. 6 W 161. ABL 1360 (Beginning destroyed) 2 We set out [ ...... ], and thanks to the gods [who are well disposed towards the king] and have accepted your gift with pleasure, we passed the Maliasfi river like a quiet river bed. 6 I arrived at the Inner City on the 18th. The inhabitants of the Inner City acted in the same way (as before): offering tables were set up and sacrifices were being made.

67. AMBAR x[x x x x] [x x x x-t]u' sa fPL[X x x x] rest broken away Rev. destroyed rK'A1 ABL487 [To the king, my] lord: [your servant] Tabsar-[Assur]. [Good health] to the king, [my lord]! 4 [As to the g]ate of the bathroom [of] the big hi/tinu palace of which the king, [my lord], wrote to me, I have just got hold of the [... and am herewith sending them] to the king, my lord. 8 The old-fashioned razor which stood [... ], even if [ ...... ], will be removed [from] the gate. 10 As to [the ... of] the tower, with reed [ .....

Or [will the king (rather) say]: "The [prefects] and refcruitment officers] should [come] straight to me [ ... " 8 I [ ...... ] from the ci[ty of ...... ]; right now [...... ] the river [...... (Rest destroyed) 49. MES a-[mahar] [i]-da-nu-u-ni LU*. 18 Rev. MES] [xx]-ni-tutu-[xxxx] [xx] un[ixxx] 50. MES 7 sa a-na ma-;ar-ti s[a' x x]x 8 sa LUGAL be-[If-ia x x] rest (about 8 lines) broken away Rev. uninscribed ABL489 To the king, my lord: your servant Tab-sarAssur. Good health to the king, my lord!

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