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Barak stated that he was ready to resume discussions with Syria and wished to pursue peace in the Middle East on multiple fronts. In the initial period of Barak's government, hopes were high for the unfolding of a true peace process in the Middle East. The Syrian track of the Middle East peace process was shortly revived in January 2000, with SyrianIsraeli negotiations held in the United States. Despite the efforts put in on both sides, the negotiations did not bring the parties to a final agreement.

Indeed, Hamas was responsible for one of the two most recent suicide bombings in Israel. Meanwhile, the Israeli government suffered quite a blow at the United Nations when the Security Council adopted a resolution demanding an end to the siege. Notably, the United States abstained from voting on the resolution. The Bush adminsitration observed that Sharon's current siege was "unhelpful" to the cause of Palestinian institutional reform and long-term peace possibilities. Also included in the text of the resolution was a call for the Palestinian Authority to bring those responsible for the suicide attacks to justice.

33 Israel Review 2011 Political Overview Political Conditions Following the hiatus, when independent journalists, international observers and researchers were finally allowed into Jenin, they determined that the actual death toll was around 50 people, and not in the thousands as had been originally alleged. The human rights group, Human Rights Watch, notes that although they documented only 52 deaths, these deaths included 22 civilians, and appeared to have been committed willfully in some cases.

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