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By Larry J. Alderink

American Classical experiences

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In other words, surely a civilization as advanced, forward-thinking, and rational as Rome’s should still serve as a model for our own society. 50 What, after all, made the alimentary scheme ‘magnificent’, other than its demonstration of official concern for the sustenance of the poor? Why was the imperial government providing a sensible, and socially just, protection to its citizens, even outside the Empire’s major capitals? Inspired by questions like these, Hirschfeld appears to have proposed a level of far-sightedness among the Romans, which could be contrasted so usefully with the lack of it in modern times.

The man’s ‘preaching was propped up by theatrical elements, alternating gentle whispering with thundering speech, and with pregnant pauses without sense and meaning. . ’52 As is often the case, however, there was still a residue of Mommsen’s ‘Pfarrhaus’ in his later life and career. ’ In a generalized, but well-argued, study, Walter Rüegg has recently traced the nineteenth-century German ‘Breakthrough in Classical Philology’ to this deep cultural need. On the one hand, these scholars were drawn to the exemplary nature of classical antiquity, in which ‘many of them found a substitute .

What became more intriguing to me as I wrote my dissertation (on the ‘funerary colleges’) was the number of treatises on the subject that were produced in Italy over the course of the 1930s. As an ancient historian, I was, of course, completely unaware of why this should have been the case. Nonetheless, I later decided, in order to satisfy my curiosity on the point, to walk up this dimly-lit alley-way. This book is the result of that deviation, one that has continued to lead me into some very dark corners of the recent European past.

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