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By Timothy Jay

This can be the 1st critical and broad exam of yank cursing from a psycholinguistic-contextual viewpoint. numerous box reviews and diverse laboratory-based experiments specialize in the connection among cursing and language acquisitions, anger expresssion, gender stereotypes, semantics, and offensiveness. Censorship, language content material of movies, First-Amendment combating phrases, sexual harassment, obscene telephone calls, and cursing at public colleges are analyzed and concerning sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic info. Many tables of word-by-word information supply empirical facts of frequency of prevalence, measure of offensiveness, gender of speaker and age of speaker impacts on obscene language utilization in the United States. A "must" for language reference collections.

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A quick examination of child drawings show similar content. What may surprise adults is that they cannot identify immediately the source of such information. But a sample of children's television and advertising shows a great deal of aggressive and sex-role information to young viewers. Further, because adults do not pay avid attention to the language of children and their peers, they may be missing the actual level of knowledge from these story telling and joking interactions. Researchers interested in obtaining information about taboo language from young informants must take a relaxed and nonpunitive approach for children who have been punished or berated by adults for telling dirty stories or jokes are not willing informants.

Sometimes dirty word use is not conventional, as the following example illustrates. A neighbor has a two-year-old who uses the term mutz for penis. Obviously, the child and the parents know what the referent is, but other strangers in the house would be at a loss to interpret his idiosyncratic speech, on first hearing it. The use of mutz was functional within the parents' house but once the child went to day care, he began to use pee pee at the day care and sometimes at home. Eventually, mutz will be dropped from the production vocabulary altogether.

The older child focuses on social, psychological and physical differences for the source of humor. Jokes include sex and scatology. This mind will begin to tell stories, which are complex and rely on memory, ambiguity and language, as opposed to the younger child's primitive focus on simple, physical humor. Elementary School Humor. Here we see jokes based on word or grammatical ambiguity. Riddles and cartoons are of interest to the child. The development of the "joke facade" is used to hide sexual and aggressive ideas.

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