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By Alan Dean Foster

Vernon Moody is a contemporary cop who loves to trap killers the fashionable method - with desktops and customary feel. he isn't satisfied while his most modern case revolves round the supposedly mystical homes of a misplaced Navaho sandpainting. Or while the portray leads him to suspect an alien presence.

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Not that he'd been especially friendly. Distant without actually being impolite. No, his attitude would have ruled out dinner. Sarah CYBER UJflY 9 wouldn't have liked him. She preferred people whose eyes met your own. Kettrick knew she wouldn't cotton to someone who daydreamed while you were trying to hold a conversation with them. That business about not being able to refuse a fourth request would probably mean something to an anthropologist. It meant nothing to Kettrick. That was one of the pleasures of being a wealthy collector.

He adopted his most compassionate expression, a half-moon smile that gave him the look of a tranquil Buddha, or a beardless Santa Claus. It made him resemble a big, sloppy, overgrown hound dog and took away from his bulk, 20 fllan Dean Faster which he knew some people found intimidating. Mrs. Kettrick took notice of him but did not cease her crying. The coroner techs melted away. Berkowitz gave him a standard cop "Hope-you-have-better-luck-than-I-did" grimace and went off to put the make on a pretty worker from forensics.

At the base of the wall was a pile of debris composed of CYBER WHY 27 more transparent fragments mixed with broken bits of wood and colored sand. Kneeling, Moody picked up a handful and let the brightly dyed grains trickle through his fingers. That's all it was: sand and sawdust. It smelled dry and musty. He glanced up at Ntckerson. " The younger detective eyed the pile bemusedly. "A big picture of some kind. " Moody rose. 1' "Nope, but she did know where her husband stored the catalog for his collection.

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