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By Matt Hilton

Dead man's revenge

Martin Maxwell was an agent of the key provider. He used to be additionally a guy fed on through a fury he quenched via brutal acts of violence that earned him the moniker the Harvestman. Joe Hunter made him pay the associated fee for his crimes and the govt. coated up his real id, burying him less than the identify Tubal Cain.

But Maxwell survived his close to dying at Hunter's fingers. Incarcerated through the army, he was once held lower than the flawed trust he may be rehabilitated to serve his kingdom once again. Now, he has escaped and started a brand new killing spree, focusing on these liable for his defeat and imprisonment.

And he is saving Joe Hunter for final . . .

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I took one of her gloved hands in mine, pulled her in close so that I shielded her under my arm and placed a kiss on her cheek. ‘Ready,’ I told her. ‘Come on. ’ Imogen leaned down and placed a single rose against the headstone, then together we walked across the cemetery towards the gates. The cemetery wasn’t large, just a half-acre ringed by a stone wall, and now almost overgrown by trees. The Piers family plot held five generations, including the body of my old army friend, Jake. This was where Imogen would come when her time on earth was over.

I’d had the foresight to leave the engine running and the car was snug. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. Imogen struggled out of her gloves while I headed the car up the incline towards the house. In this half-light Imogen’s home looked like something out of a Poe story, its pitched roof and steepled corners rearing against the slate sky. We didn’t speak in the car, nothing beyond complaints about the weather anyway, and the transition from vehicle to house was done in a hurry. There was a fire burning in the hearth and I stoked it, piling on logs, while Imogen prepared hot, dark coffee for me, cocoa laced with something stronger for her.

Someone coming here with the intention of finding Walter Hayes Conrad could have assumed that Bryce was their man. Supposing that they had never met Walter face to face, that is. If, and I was beginning to believe that I was right, it was Tubal Cain who was responsible for this carnage, he hadn’t seen Walter when we were standing over him in the cavern at Jubal’s Hollow. At the time Cain was so close to death that he must have been searing his optic nerves on the blazing flames of hell. But, if Walter had saved the man for some unknown reason, then there was the possibility that he’d visited with him since.

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